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Every successful agricultural business has a product that the customer wants or needs, provides customer satisfaction, is competitive and is of good quality. Thorough marketing research is critical to the success of most value-added businesses. Farmers are accustomed to marketing the type of products where there is always a buyer. This is not the case with most value-added agriculture projects.

Local brands are rapidly gaining agricultural market share in developing countries. Developed countries are investing increasingly in genetically modified crops to increase yield, improve flavour and increase nutritional value. However, it is not well understood how they reshape agricultural value chains and what the implications are for consumers and producers and farmers.

The effect on consumers is ambiguous and Seminal Research helps agricultural businesses identify the reasons why consumers choose specific brands of crops as well as views and opinions of farmers and their practices.

Why Us?

Seminal with it’s global reach has the capability to conduct market research with small scale farmers in rural areas as well as corporate giants, which turn the raw produce into final consumable product.

Our research and data collection services play an important role in the success of an agricultural business as well as the satisfaction of consumers and farmers.

We have the relevant experience in conducting studies with consumers to understand their awareness, attitude and perception toward GMO – genetically modified crops and the associated health risks with them.

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