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Unconditional Basic Income- A Double-Edged Sword

Unconditional Basic Income (UBI), also known as Citizen’s Income, Universal Basic Income or simply Basic Income, is a basic income ideology in which every adult in the economy receives a guaranteed income, no matter if they have a job or are unemployed. While many European countries have already adopted a variety of Minimum Wages Schemes,

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Cockroach Theory By Sundar Pichai

Have you read the article on the cockroach theory for self-development by Sundar Pichai? The article is based on a story of what happened in a restaurant. The story tells of how a cockroach landed on one of the ladies in the group, and how she immediately reacts to this by screaming and wildly flailing

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The opportunity for App-only websites

Online purchasing has changed since the turn of the millennium. At that time, online retailing existed, but was more of a novelty than a mainstream purchasing option. Over the intervening years, we’ve seen the launch and growth of many highly effective online retailers. Some were operating prior to 2000 as Internet-only retailers, while others were

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Identifying Online Shopping Behavior

The internet has brought about many changes in our daily lives. The advent of online shopping has been a significant change for many people. It has meant that people can shop at any time of day. It has also meant that people aren’t confined to purchasing from stores within their local area – people can

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Pokemon Go… The Benefits of Passing Peak Downloads

At Seminal Research, we’re interested in understanding how markets work, and conducting an analysis of customer usage in a manner that helps clients maximize their returns. Pokemon Go makes a great case study. Pokemon Go – the chances are that if you haven’t heard of this phenomenon, you’ve been in a coma for the last