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  • Researchers in the Building and Construction sector have been working with industry specialists and government organizations to improve design, construction and development of rural and urban settings and communities through primary and secondary research. Development of fact-based market information is fundamental to effective decision making. Robust market assessments provide critical support to strategic planning, business development, acquisition strategy, sales force deployment, business expansion and new product development decisions.
    Seminal Research professionals are knowledgeable about the industry processes and know how to identify the most suitable target respondents, who are considered as leaders in their field. Our team has the experience in conducting market research in the building and construction area and help firms assess the key criteria that they must fulfil in order to gain a strong market standing, providing an insight on how to develop products and services to beat competition.
  • It has been our experience that our clients encounter exceptional growth and profit when their key decisions are supported with detailed, fact-based market assessments. Seminal Research has helped numerous construction and consulting firms to acquire knowledge in various aspects of the field, some of which would be as follows:

    • A leading automated door company wanted to understand it’s current market position across the globe and their key pressure points, which give an edge to competitors.
    • A leading manufacturer of construction equipment wanted to enter new markets and wanted to understand the requirements of local construction companies, equipment dealers and rental companies.
    • A major tile manufacturing company wanted to understand the brand preference given by architects while recommending a tile brand for a project and the reasons behind the purchase decision making
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