Mahindra SUV Owner study

Survey Specification:

  • Target Audience: People who have purchased Mahindra car in past one years (100% SUV owners)
  • Geography: India (21 cities)
  • Methodology: Face to Face
  • Length Of Interview (LOI): 35 minutes
  • Sample Size: 2550 surveys


  • The LOI was high and it was difficult to get time from respondents for this survey.
  • Clicking photograph of the car
  • We were not suppose to use the name of Mahindra while conducting survey.


To determine influential factors while making a decision to purchase a car and CONCEPT TESTING.

Our Solution:

  • Deployed 2 teams one for appointment and another team to conduct face to face
  • Helped client to localize the questionnaire and make sure that we are not using language which is difficult to understand.
  • Provided the car registration number of each respondent to client.


People from Mahindra itself supervised few interviews and they were really happy with the approach to reach the respondents. Now, we are doing multiple projects with same client on automotive sector.

Client’s Email:

“We have received a very positive feedback on this study from client. Thank you very much for all your support.”

“Thanks, Seminal team  for your all the hard work, eventually this paid off. We have received positive feedback from our client so thought of passing on to you.

I know this was not the easy one, however with your dedicated support and pro-activeness, we are were meet our client expectation.

Thank you once again for the good work. Let’s build on this success and make a habit.”

Abhijeet Kumar

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