PACT Surveys (Pregnant and Intender)

Survey Specification:

  • Target Audience: Females who are pregnant for less than 5 And married women who intend to have a baby in next 18 months.
  • Geography: China, Vietnam and Greece
  • Methodology: Face to Face
  • LOI: 30 Minutes
  • Sample Size: 650 in total


To test Recognition of Friso Gold Pack in the HYBRID and NATURE SCIENCE

versions and to ensure that do not lose current consumers and potential consumers can still recognize the product sufficiently in order to purchase the right brand and stage


  • The major challenge in the study was timeline as our client was doing this online and could not pull off the complete sample.
  • It was difficult to reach out to pregnant females via street or home intercept because of very low incidence.

Our Solution:

  • Deployed local teams to conduct Face to Face (CAPI).
  • Provided a better solution to client to complete the Our team traveled to maternity centers and health centers where pregnant women come for their health checkup.


The project was finished on time. Seminal got the apreciation from client on smooth project management.


Abhijeet Kumar

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