Software Testing Services Study

Survey Specification

  • Target Audience: Targeting ITDMs and BDMs of Medium to large enterprises
  • Geography: USA, France, Germany, UK, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore
  • LOI & Methodology: 20 mins CATI
  • Sample Size: 3,200N split equally across all countries


  • Huge sample size hence quota management within all countries was a critical aspect
  • Respondents from 500+ employee size were allowed to participate in the survey
  • Client ran the study previous year and had lot of problem managing data consistency amongst multiple partners

Our Solution

  • Helped client to understand offshore application testing services
  • Provided client single set-up to manage complete project management
  • Lot of secondary research was done by team along with acquiring external database to reach the target audience
  • Client requested 50% of call recording which was successfully delivered at different stages of sample procurement


  • Single Set-up, Single accountability
  • Hassel free project management
  • 50% call recording delivered

Seminal Research

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