Study: B2C
Sample Size: 9000
Industry: Consumer Goods
Geography: APAC, EMEA & LATAM
Methodology: CATI
Field Time: 35 days
Target Group: Gen-Pop
Length of Interview: 20 Min
Total Project Duration: 5 weeks


A reputed and leading consultant wanted to understand the opinion of different generation across 19 countries and questions pertaining to access of food, energy, aging, retirement and natural catastrophes.


Computer aided telephonic interview methodology targeting all age groups across 19 countries [Singapore, S.Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada.]


The study helped the client understand the existing challenges in these countries pertaining to food, the cost associated with the increase of older people, crime and civil unrest, usage of renewable energy and the natural catastrophes.