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Defining Necessity and Luxury

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  • Consumer goods can be categorized into durable goods, nondurable goods and services which includes anything and everything that satisfies the need of the consumer. With the market being flooded rapidly with new and improved products and services, the consumer is constantly evaluating factors that affect the purchase decision making. The consumer today is more aware than ever, generating demand for a product and convincing the consumer to choose your product requires an insight into the consumer’s mind.
    Market Research is the quintessential tool for industry professionals to determine what their consumer has, what it wants and what it doesn’t need to establish themselves as leaders in their industry. Easy availability of substitutes, rapid development in technology, better quality at lower prices contribute to the ferocity of the competition. Sound market research is the key to gain an edge over competitors and emerge as leaders.
  • We at Seminal Research aim to understand the various experiences associated with consumption. Our strategies help companies identify the preferences, motivations, and buying behavior of the targeted customers which are identified through direct observation, mail surveys, telephone or face to face interviews, and from published sources.
    • We carry out quantitative and qualitative consumer research across all industry verticals like FMCG, Clothing, Automotive and various services in multiple languages.
    • We understand the consumer and it’s psychology. We derive insights from day-to-day experiences of respondents and comprehend them to collect relevant data.
    • We offer data collection at competitive prices courtesy our pool of freelance language resources across the globe.
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