Study Type: Voice data collection
Methodology: F2F
Industry: Automotive
Volume: 1500 possible voices captured
Target group: General Population with equal split of gender (age group –18-30, 31-40, 41-50 & 50+)
Geography: USA, UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Taiwan, China, Russia and UAE
Languages: English –US, English –UK, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish –Mexican, Spanish –Euro, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Taiwanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic


A multinational automotive manufacturer wanted us to perform voice data collection on their behalf, given our experience as a multi language data collection agency


We deployed native speakers who would travel in a car, equipped with complete recording gadgets/tools to capture maximum accents. Later followed by transcriptions and data annotations.


Project required immense training on the software and travelling to respective countries and further training our local teams, working with various ethnic groups to get maximum accents. Owing to all these efforts Seminal Research was able to stand tall on the expectations.