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  • In today’s fast paced multicultural environment, Beauty, Apparel, Travel and Fine Dining have become a way of life and producers are constantly innovating to make all these things an enjoyable experience for the consumer. With increasing disposable incomes the standard of living has also improved, with consumers investing more time and money in leisure activities and expensive sports. Women are conscious about the way they dress and an obsession with looking younger has gripped the entire world.
    Brand awareness and brand perception can be ascertained to a great extent with the help of market research. Multinational corporations, apparel and food and beverage giants are some examples of industries which can best illustrate the optimum use of market research before entering a new market. New product development as well as customization of existing products and services is done after carrying out extensive research about the demographical, social, cultural and economic aspects of a particular region.
  • Our team at Seminal Research has the expertise and experience to look at the big picture providing full spectrum to identify the key areas for growth. We assess purchase behavior and taste and preferences of the consumer which influence their choices at every step of the buying process.
    • We carry out brand and retail tracking studies in the clothing, apparel, bags, footwear and other segments to help analyse sales trends in the previous years and develop sales forecast for the coming years
    • We carry out brand perception studies to help companies analyse their image in the eyes of the general consumer, core competencies and pressure points that give competitors an edge.
    • We carry out new market entry studies to help firms understand the socio-demographic, cultural and religious aspects predominant in respective countries.
    • We carry out price research studies which helps companies analyze the price competition prevailing in the market and what they can do to boost sales.
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