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The world of health care is becoming increasingly complex. With advanced research in the medical industry and invention of medicines to cure diseases that were once fatal, science has reached new levels of development. For the success of any medical research, a well designed market research is of utmost importance. In almost every health care setting, patients’ perceptions of their doctors and course of treatment are the most influential components of their experience, when confronted with an ailment.

Life sciences entities are always looking explore opportunities in the networked economy. Seminal Research with is superior data collection methodologies works for medical and pharmaceutical establishments and help them develop a key driver analysis to deliver the best..

Why Us?

We at Seminal Research are specialized in conducting primary & secondary research in the healthcare sector for major medical establishments with patients, nurses, physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Trained to an exceptional level and working in the healthcare industry on a daily basis, our team is capable of carrying out all types of qualitative and quantitative research – from diary studies to face-to-face interviews to in-depth telephonic interviews in the sensitive and complex medical arena.

  • We work exclusively, day-in day-out, in this specialist area and have a deep understanding of the particular needs of the medical community.
  • We recognize the difficulties while trying to establish direct contact with the medical practitioners and patients and have experienced interviewers capable of achieving this.
  • Our interviewing team has the skill and persistence needed to obtain the required knowledge to your important questions.
  • We understand and abide by various data protection laws applicable in different regions and take the appropriate measures to safeguard respondent’s details when necessary.
  • All our medical interviewers have undergone comprehensive training and are continually assessed and monitored to ensure the quality of our research is never compromised.

It Includes

  • Quantitative & qualitative telephone interviewing (CATI/online self-completion/diary)
  • In-Depth telephone interviews
  • Telephone & online respondent recruitment
  • Face-to-face interviewing
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Access to an extensive panel of nurses, physicians and management personnel in both primary and secondary care.

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