Our Approach
What's in it for you?
  • The market today is driven by urbanisation, the increasingly hectic pace of modern life and rising annual disposable incomes all of which lead to new developments and technology across all verticals of industries. The consumer today is aware of it’s fast changing surroundings and is at it’s adaptable best to the continual change in lifestyle. With the market being flooded with new products and services daily and easy availability of better substitutes arising from cut throat competition, the consumer is harder than ever to retain over a long period of time. The consumer is also constantly challenged with environmental changes, lifestyle diseases and health disorders, for which researchers and companies require in-depth and detailed insights into the consumer’s mind.
    Seminal Research understands the need for extensive research and carries out In-Depth interviews for companies to better understand current and potential problems and offer effective solutions. In-Depth Interview is an effective methodology when the researcher wishes to explore topics that are highly sensitive or confidential in nature. In-Depth interviews are qualitative in nature and the questionnaire comprises of open ended questions. This allows the respondent to express their thoughts in a more free flowing manner and share things which might not have been comprehensible using quantitative methodologies.
    • Developing a sampling strategy. Whose attitudes and beliefs matter to client’s research, and how to find the most suitable target respondent.
    • Training our most experienced research analysts and briefing them about the objective of the study and discussing the questionnaire in detail.
    • Secondary research to get a better understanding of the topic to be researched so that the analysts are able to explore more to find hidden answers.
    • Interviewing and recording the interview in audio format.
    • Transcription of the interview
    • Record observations and personal views and feelings while conducting the interview.
    • Quality answers and detailed knowledge in lesser number of interviews
    • Better understanding of reasons behind a certain way of perception
    • Assess current market situation and develop new strategies as per the findings
    • Audio transcripts by native language professionals
    • Translation of transcript into desired language, also by natives
    • Summary of each interview in Excel format