Study Type: B2C
Geography: UK
Target Group: Telecom Consumers
Sample Size: 4000
Methodology: Online Survey
Length of Interview: 20 Min
Industry: Telecommunications
Field Time: 15 days
Total Project Duration: 6 weeks


  • A well known telecom giant wanted to understand key reasons that drive consumer behaviour for subscribing to add-on sports channel packs.
  • They also wanted to understand the propensity of subscribers of competition to switch service providers.


  • Online quantitative methodology targeting all age groups and homogenous mixture of subscribers across all regions and across all service providers.
  • The study also employed interlocking quotas based on Age and Region.
  • Deployment of statistics methods including Cluster and Co-relation analysis.


  • Client’s feedback – “Goodwork! You all have given great recommendation that will help us improve our products & services”.
  • 18% of the subscribers of Competitor A indicated to include the sports packs as an Add-on.
  • 23% of the subscribers of Competitor B indicated to switch their existing services and also include sport spacks.
  • 44% of the existing subscribers of the client indicatedtore new their contract and add bundle it with the existing services.