Understanding the Present and Shaping the Future

The success of a new product, investment in an emerging market, or expansion of market share are all rooted in the reliable knowledge of what is already available, what the market expects, the competitive environment, and, what can be done to stand out from the competition. Having sound facts and figures is essential for any research.

Seminal Research‘s market research delivers insights into the way people live, think, spend, everyday and knowledge about the technologies you should use, the procurement strategies you should employ and what is needed to build and sustain your brand image.


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Banking and Financial Services


Consumer Electronics and Durables


Energy and Utility

FMCG and Personal Care

Government and Public Affairs

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals


Manufacturing and Engineering

Media and advertising

Real Estate and Construction

Social and Rural Research

Technology (IT and ITeS)


Travel and Tourism

Accreditation & Certification

Our Offerings

Market Entry Strategy

- Understand market potential
- Opportunity analysis
- Penetration analysis
- Acceptance strategy
- Optimum pricing research

Market Understanding

- Market understanding
- Market sizing/addressable market estimation
- Opportunity analysis
- Competition mapping
- Distribution channel analysis

Stakeholders’ Study

- Customer Satisfaction
- Business partner satisfaction
- Employee satisfaction
- Corporate reputation
- Need gap analysis

New Product

- Concept testing
- Concept validation
- Product testing and usage feedback
- Pricing research
- Acceptance – rejection test

Brand and Advertising

- Campaign/Ad development
- Campaign/Ad assessment and effectiveness
- Ad testing research
- Brand share and equity measurement

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