What We Do?

We provide audio data collection services for AI training and machine learning, to be used in various ASR systems.

Our typical range of environments include:

  1. Studio Setup
  2. Home/Office/General Setup
  3. In-Car Setup
  4. Telephony Setup
    • General Discussions
    • Call Center Dialogues

How We Do It?

  1. We work with our local native teams for various languages across the globe.
  2. The data is collected as per the legal standards and procedures aligned with GDPR requirements.
  3. All participation is voluntary and compensated fairly for the data that participants provide.
  4. The data is collected under supervision to ensure best quality standards.
  5. The collected data is a fair representation of all possible:
    • Accents and Dialects
    • Age Groups
    • Gender

Our Services; Scenarios, Environments & Usage

Studio Setup

  • Acoustic based needs
  • For Wake-Up words and commands
  • To be used in various ASR systems

In-Car Setup

  • Acoustic and Environment based needs
  • For Wake-Up words and commands
  • To be used in infotainment and navigation systems

Home/Office Setup

  • Environment based needs
  • For Wake-Up words, commands and phrases
  • To be used in various ASR systems

Telephony Setup

  • Telephony based applications
  • Conducted over VoIP or via Podcast Tools
  • For phonetically rich expressions
  • To be used in IVR systems and chatbots

Types of Telephony Setup:

General Discussions

  • 2 person discussion
  • 30 to 60 mins. long
  • Discussion on various topics of interest

Call-Center Dialogues

  • 2 person dialogue
  • 7 to 30 mins. long
  • Dialogue between customer and service representative

Our Fieldwork Process.


Project Briefing.




Recording Session.


Data upload to Server.


Internal Quality Checking.


Final Review by Project Manager.


Delivery to the client.


Daily updates.