Primary Research

Brand and Communication

Brand research helps creation, development, as well ongoing management and strengthening of brands...

Secondary Research

Secondary research or desk research is a research method involving data collation and summarizing the same by making use of publicly available data/ reports on the said topic, to increase the overall effectiveness of research. It can also be coupled with internal intelligence available with the client.

Secondary research is much more cost-effective than primary research, as it makes use of already existing data, unlike primary research where data is collected first-hand in line with the client requirements. It can be used as a stand-alone research technique or as an initial stage of a project before launch of primary phase of the research.

Secondary research helps build initial hypothesis as also identify potential constituents and structure of the value chain and market ecosystem, in a cost-effective manner to help clients gain a broad overview of the prevalent market dynamics, before firming up on key areas of exploration and deep-diving with primary research fueled actionable insights.

It constitutes a vital component of Seminal Research’ offerings to its clients in India and abroad. We have extensive experience in conducting desk research projects across wide Industry verticals.