‘Destination Wedding’ The Evolving Trends in India

What is ‘Destination Wedding’?

Destination wedding is held outside of the couple’s hometown, requiring travel for most (if not all) of those involved to picturesque locations depending on respective choices. In 2021, many families hosted a destination wedding, proving that they’re a great alternative to a traditional ceremony. Further the trend of ‘domestination’ weddings are on the rise in recent times.

Why ‘Destination Wedding’ is becoming popular?

Easy Planning Involved:

  • Planning a wedding might sound exciting, but it involves lots of intrinsic detailing and planning.
  • Destination weddings are easier to plan because many hotels and resorts offer wedding coordinators to render their experience and services for your wedding preparations.

Opens the Doors To Creativity:

  • Destination wedding increases options for people to have wedding decorations as per the theme, locations, venues and their choice for the big day.
  • Also, one can have access to things that probably aren’t available in his/her hometown.

Well-Planned Guest List:

  • A destination wedding gives reason enough to prune the guest list to only those who really matter.
  • These weddings tend to be more intimate and close-knit compared to big-fat weddings.

Stunning Photo Shoot:

  • With evolving camera technologies, stunning photo-shoots and classic wedding shots are becoming popular.
  • These have become essentials for weddings to make them
    memorable and classic.
  • While one can take some memorable photos at a local wedding ceremony, the picturesque backdrop of destination adds value.
  • Destination wedding photographers who understand the efforts put into the wedding have also evolved.

Within Budget:

  • Destination weddings allow to plan the wedding and allocate overall budget optimally.
  • With a smaller number of guests, the costing of accommodation and catering comes down and one can be more creative in planning things to optimize spends on other heads and make the wedding more memorable.

Recent trends in ‘Destination Wedding’ in India.

  • Covid helped Indians transition from the big-fat weddings to trimmed down guest lists.
  • Opening up travel restrictions forged a new trend of destination wedding which was previously considered the preserve of the uber rich. Destination weddings now addresses needs and aspirations of a wider audience.
  • From luxurious jaunts in foreign lands and chic locations in the country, the concept has embraced smaller hill stations, beach weddings as also hotels and restaurants in unassuming tier II and III cities with beautiful locales.
  • Covid-confined Indians want to break free from local, large functions to indulge in outstation, intimate celebrations.

Tier II and Tier III cities are gaining popularities.

  • Tier II and III cities are becoming popular these days apart from the traditional hubs in Rajasthan, Goa and Kerala.
  • New regional destinations like Kalimpong, Wayanad and Dharamsala offering logistical advantages have emerged as popular places.
  • Places like Alibaug, Shimla and Coorg are affordable locations with pleasant weather with multiple properties to schedule events.

The emerging destinations in India.

Some popular destinations in India so far.